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To our Stockholders

Masatoshi Kumagai Group CEO and Representative Director,GMO Internet, Inc.

"Internet for Everyone" is the corporate slogan we entered the industry with in 1995. Today, after having been listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it continues to be our guiding sentiment. The growth of the Internet has added a new dimension to the economy, to business and to people's lifestyles. This has been a dramatic change that has in turn made the Internet more important than ever. It is no exaggeration to say that whether you are an individual or a corporation, how you use the Internet is critical in determining whether you succeed or fail.

It is our mission to continue cultivating the Internet. Through unique services and technology we develop the Internet solutions people want and provide the infrastructure essential to support an Internet that benefits society as a whole.

Forecasts Were Achieved Driven by Solid Growth in the Profits of Internet Infrastructure Segment

In 2016, with the expansion of Internet market, forecasts were achieved. Sales was 135 billion yen, operating profit was 17 billion yen, and the number of customers exceeded 8.71 million. This year, we would aim at increasing the number of customers to 10 million, and would continue to grow to become indispensable social infrastructure.

The new domain ".shop," which has made a good start in 2016, is "the source of ongoing recurring revenue." This year, we will start full-scale marketing, and will support ecommerce websites worldwide.
As for Internet Securities business, GMO Click Securities' FX trading services had No.1 transaction volume worldwide for the 5th consecutive year. We would focus on the development and provision of No.1 products, and would work hard to grow customer base and to accelerate business performance.
Since 2015, we have been working with major financial institutions. In payment, the joint venture of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and GMO Payment Gateway has been launched. In FX and securities, GMO Click Securities has formed capital and business alliance with Daiwa Securities Group. We are aiming for the launch of the new Internet bank, which is the joint venture of Aozora Bank, GMO Internet, and GMO Click Holdings, in the Spring of 2018. Please look forward to our efforts.

This year, 107 Group companies, centered on 9 listed companies, and 5,156 partners will, again, unite to create new Internet culture and industry, smiles, and excitement, and will strive towards contributing to society and the people. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Masatoshi Kumagai
Group CEO
GMO Internet Group

Masatoshi Kumagai

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