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FAQ - Responses

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

About GMO Internet

    Qシ啗hen was GMO Internet established?
    Aシ唹n May 24, 1991
    Qシ啗hen was GMO Internet first listed?
    Aシ啗e were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market is August 1999. In February 2004 we were promoted to the second section and in June 2005 to the first section.
    Qシ唏ow many consolidated subsidiaries does GMO Internet have?
    Aシ106 (as of 3/2018)
    Qシ唔窶囘 like to know more about the company窶冱 history...
    Aシ夲シ啀lease see our corporate history.

Financial Performance

    Qシ啗hen does your fiscal year begin and end?
    Aシ唹ur fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. We release financial statements every quarter.
    Qシ啗here can I access financial statements and other IR information?
    Aシ哂ll financial statements can be viewed in our IR Archive together with documents from analyst and investor presentations.
    Qシ啗here can I get a quick overview of your financial performance?
    Aシ唳ou can view charts showing sales, profit and other key figures in Financial Indicators.

Stock Information

    Qシ啗hat is the stock code for GMO Internet?
    Qシ唏ow many stock splits has the company executed?
    Aシ售ince listing we have executed three stock splits.
March 22, 20021:2
August 18, 20021:2
August 20, 20041:2

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