IR Policy

Based on the following policy, we will promote IR activities.

1.Disclosure of Information

GMO Internet Group, Inc. strives to provide fast, fair, accurate and easy to understand information to all individual and institutional investors and analysts. We do not limit the provision of information to a specific person or group of people.

We publish financial statements (quarterly, half yearly and yearly financial statements) and ensure the timely disclosure of other relevant information.

Any information required under the Securities and Exchange Act or Tokyo Stock Exchange regulations to be disclosed will appear on our Investor Relations website in a timely manner.

2.Business Forecasts and Future Predictions

GMO Internet Group, Inc. aims to accommodate everyone's needs by releasing detailed quarterly business results. All business forecasts and forward looking statements are based on circumstances at the point in time they were released and in no way constitute a guarantee of their content.

We do not support any forecasts or forward looking statements made by a third party in relation to the future performance of GMO Internet Group, Inc.

3.The Disclosure of Information at Meetings with Financial Analysts and Institutional Investors

The information disclosed at meetings with financial analysts and institutional investors (including meetings with individuals and small group meetings) shall be limited to information that has already been released (balance sheets etc.), common knowledge and general discussion of the business environment. GMO Internet Group, Inc. will, without exception make no reference to any important information that has not been released.

4.Method of Disclosure

Disclosure required by laws including commercial laws and the Securities and Exchange Act shall be carried out in the method determined by the law. Any disclosures to which timely disclosure regulations apply shall also be carried out according to said regulations. After being presented at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and registered on TDNet operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the information shall promptly be released to the general media. In accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act and timely disclosure regulations, after having confirmed that information has been published on TDNet and releasing the information to the media we will promptly publish the relevant information on our own website.

Please note that there may be some delay in the publishing of relevant information on the GMO Internet Group, Inc. website due to the time it takes to prepare files. In regard to information to which the timely disclosure regulations do not apply, it is our policy to accurately and fairly release relevant information to shareholders in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act and other relevant laws in an appropriate manner.

5.IR Policy Enactment

The entire company shall be thorough in their adherence to this policy. All enquiries from financial analysts and corporate investors shall be handled by the Investor Relations department. The GMO Internet Group, Inc. and its employees shall uphold their legal responsibilities under the Securities and Exchange Act.

6.IR Quiet Period

GMO Internet Group, Inc.'s quiet period is from the final day of the quarterly accounting period to quarterly earnings announcement date. During this period management will refrain from commenting on business results or expectations. GMO Internet Group, Inc. will also refrain from holding or participating in any private meetings, analyst seminars, conference calls or other similar events.