Internet for Everyone

"Internet for Everyone" is the corporate slogan we entered the industry with in 1995. Today, after having been listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it continues to be our guiding sentiment. The growth of the Internet has added a new dimension to the economy, to business and to people's lifestyles. This has been a dramatic change that has in turn made the Internet more important than ever. It is no exaggeration to say that whether you are an individual or a corporation, how you use the Internet is critical in determining whether you succeed or fail.

It is our mission to continue cultivating the Internet. Through unique services and technology we develop the Internet solutions people want and provide the infrastructure essential to support an Internet that benefits society as a whole.

The core businesses of infrastructure and finance are driving growth

During the third quarter of the current fiscal year, consolidated performance was driven by the Internet Infrastructure and Internet Finance businesses, resulting in increased revenue and profit. Regarding net profit, there was a significant year-on-year increase due to the recognition of special losses on affiliated company stocks.

The Internet Infrastructure business capitalized on the strength of its "overwhelming No. 1" service portfolio, with successful performance in payment and security services acting as drivers for increased profits. In the Internet Advertising and Media business, while our in-house media continued to perform well, a decrease in overall revenue and profit was observed due to a reduction in advertising expenses in certain industries in the agency business. Initiatives will be implemented to promote growth in the upcoming period.In the Internet Finance business, profitability in over-the-counter FX improved, and CFD continued to be a robust product supporting revenue. Additionally, the securities business in Thailand recorded a return of approximately 500 million yen in bad debt allowance, contributing to positive performance. The cryptocurrency business experienced a narrowing of losses compared to the previous year, despite the ongoing sluggish market conditions.

Utilizing the strength of solid recuring revenue and in-house development and operation, our group will continue to grow as a leading company in AI utilization. We look forward to your continued expectations for further development in our group's business.

As of 11/2023


Masatoshi Kumagai

Founder, Chairman and Group CEO