Here you see the payout policy, record date, and dividend per share of GMO Internet, Inc.

Although the Company aims to pay dividends quarterly with the aim of paying a payout ratio of 33% to net income attributable to the owners of the parent, Because it is difficult to do, the anticipated dividend forecast at this time is undecided. We will promptly disclose dividend forecast when it becomes possible to disclose.

Quarterly Dividend Payouts

On Jaunuary 4, 2011 GMO Internet implemented a quarterly dividend payment system in order to mjore rapidly pass profits onto shareholders. Please see the relevant disclosure statement for details.

(Introduction of Quarterly Dividend Payments, 01/04/2011)PDF247KB

Dates of record are as follows

March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31
Please note that shares must be purchased at least four days prior to the above dates in order to be listed on the shareholders register on the date of record.

Dividend per Share Data

Consolidated Results Forecast for the Year Ending December 31, 2018 (01.01.2018 - 12.31.2018) As the Group's business "Internet Finance business" and "Cryptoassets business" are affected by economic conditions, financial markets, cryptocurrency and other market conditions, it is difficult to forecast business performance, and therefore we do not disclose consolidated business results and dividend forecast.

1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q Total Ratio
FYE 12/2015 JPY 6.00 JPY 5.00 JPY 7.00 JPY 20.00 JPY 38.00 33.4%
FYE 12/2016 JPY 5.00 JPY 5.00 JPY 5.00 JPY 6.00 JPY 21.00 33.7%
FYE 12/2017 JPY 5.00 JPY 6.00 JPY 6.00 JPY 6.00 JPY 23.00 33.1%
FYE 12/2018 JPY 6.00 JPY 6.20 JPY 5.50 JPY 11.80 JPY 29.50 33.1%
FYE 12/2019 JPY 6.00 JPY 6.00 JPY 7.20 JPY 5.00 JPY 24.20 33.1%
FYE 12/2020 JPY 6.60 JPY 6.20 JPY 7.40 JPY 10.60 JPY 30.80 33.1%
FYE 12/2021 JPY 17.10 JPY 12.20

As of 6/2021