Upon the appointment of officers, as a company that comprehensively develops wide-ranging Internet-related businesses, the Company appoints persons with specialized knowledge of business segments and business administration from within the Group.

Twenty-three officers as of March 24, 2023

GMOism practices(※) Corporate
management and
management strateg
Technology and
Business strategies Branding Global Organization,
human resources,
human resources development
Legal operations and
Risk management Investment strategy Finance Finance, corporate
accounting and
tax accounting

Masatoshi Kumagai

Masashi Yasuda

Hiroyuki Nishiyama

Issei Ainoura

Tadashi Ito

Hideyuki Matsui

Keigo Ogura

External Directors

Takashi Gunjikake

External Directors

Kaname Masuda

External Directors

Hirofumi Yamashita

Katsumi Arisawa

Toshiaki Horiuchi

Teruhiro Arai

Yasuo Hayashi

Kimihiro Kodama

Makoto Hashiguchi

Ichiro Chujo

Takehito Kaneko

Noriko Inagaki

Yuki Kawasaki

Kentaro Sato

Tomitaka Ishimura

Tomohiro Uchida

  • ※In addition to the unchanging goals of the "Venture Spirit Declaration" and "55-year plan", "Rules for Senior Managers" and "Laws of Winning" are collectively referred to as GMOism.

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Board of Directors